Kyungnam Energy

Kyungnam Energy Co., Ltd. (“KNE”) is the largest independent city gas distribution business in South Korea. The company provides clean and safe natural gas that is distributed to its more than 860,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers.

KNE plays a critical role in South Korea’s transition to net-zero carbon emissions by growing gas usage, the transition energy that is displacing other more polluting sources of energy (South Korea plans to double LNG usage while at the same time reducing coal and nuclear).  Under Prostar’s ownership KNE has continued to build out its network and add customers, with the highest gas penetration growth rate in South Korea.  KNE has also built solar generation capacity and has invested in facilities that generate steam from recycled plastic incineration and produce biogas from sewage.

  • Sector Natural Gas Distribution
  • Location South Korea
  • Investment Date May 2017
  • Status Current
  • Website