What We Do

Prostar invests in companies that support growing global energy demand with a focus on assets that are accelerating the world’s transition to net-zero carbon emissions.

Since 2012, we have been investing in attractive mid-sized companies with enterprise valuations <$1 billion, generating predictable and stable cashflows. We concentrate on opportunities created by the dramatic shifts in supply, demand and trading patterns that are reshaping the global energy market as it moves to net-zero.

Investment Strategy

Prostar’s strategy is to make investments that are sustainable, responsible and improve energy resiliency in the global transition to carbon neutrality.

Our investment strategy is designed to create value by:

  • Acquiring strategically located assets in key hubs that form critical links in the energy supply chain and account for the majority of global trade
  • Leveraging our strong operational, technical, financial and strategic expertise to optimize the assets and pursue value-accretive initiatives
  • Targeting proactively sourced, proprietary deal flow often not visible to the broader market
  • Partnering with experienced management teams with proven track records of optimizing assets through focused operational initiatives

Our Advantage

  • Differentiated, long term hands-on approach
  • 15 year track record of investing and managing infrastructure assets
  • Deep energy sector experience 
  • Extensive relationships with key industry players 
  • Mid-market specialization targeting essential, monopolistic assets
  • Active risk management approach