GTI Fujairah

GTI Fujairah FZC (“GTIF”) is a modern and highly flexible bulk liquid storage terminal that is consistently ranked as one of the leading operators in the Port of Fujairah, UAE, a major strategic energy trading hub for the region and the second largest bunkering hub in the world. The terminal forms part of Prostar’s bulk liquid storage company, Global Terminal Investments, with more than 24 million barrels (3.7m m3) in aggregate bulk liquid storage capacity.

GTIF continues to play a valuable role in the transition to net-zero carbon emissions through initiatives to make its operations more energy efficient, thereby reducing its carbon footprint. The terminal is ISO 14001 compliant to operate with the highest environmental management standards and is ISO 9001 compliant to meet all customer and regulatory requirements. The terminal also complies with the occupational health and safety standards mandated by OHSAS 18001, with no accidents or incidents in 2020.

  • Sector Liquid Storage
  • Location UAE (Fujairah)
  • Investment Date January 2018
  • Status Current
  • Website