Bulk Liquid Storage
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Fujairah – UAE
Invested on:
January 2018
Realized September 2023

GTI Fujairah FZC (GTIF) is a modern and highly flexible bulk liquid storage terminal with a total capacity of 2.2 million barrels (352,000 m3). It is located in the Port of Fujairah, UAE – a major strategic energy trading hub for the region and one of the largest bunkering hubs in the world. GTIF was the first terminal in the Port certified for biofuel storage, powered by a 200KW solar rooftop system that reduced carbon emissions by 190MT annually.

GTIF also consistently ranked #1 in the Port for customer satisfaction and safety throughout the hold period, with an impressive track record of 10 years of incident-free operations. Through securing a high-quality customer base, implementing top tier management, and optimizing for efficiency and lower costs, the investment delivered strong EBITDA growth. The investment provided a significant return on capital with a higher-than-average gross IRR and MOIC.

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