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Fujairah, UAE
Invested on:
September 2013

Fujairah Oil Terminal

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Fujairah Oil Terminal (FOT) is a modern, purpose-built bulk liquid storage facility located in the Port of Fujairah, UAE – a major strategic energy trading hub for the region and one of the largest bunkering hubs in the world. FOT is part of Prostar’s Global Terminal Investments, with more than 24 million barrels (3.7m m3) in aggregate bulk liquid storage capacity globally.

The terminal plays a leading role in Fujairah, UAE as the first in its port to store ultra-low sulfur fuel oil. It mitigates severe environmental damage by providing alternative fuel that reduces harmful sulfur oxide emissions, contributing to the clean energy transition. In accordance with the highest environmental and occupational health and safety standards, including IMO 2020, FOT is committed to ensuring environmental and social governance across all facets.

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